Zambezi Valley, Mozambique: Improved Capacity for Affordable Quality Seed Production and Utilization

2018 Field visit and field inspection of maize OPV seed production by Phoenix Seed Company in Manica – a part of the course in Integrated Seed Sector Development for teachers at agricultural education and training institutes.

The Zambezi Valley Development Agency (ADVZ) coordinates implementation of development programmes in Central Mozambique. PRIDES (Programa Regional e Integrado de Desenvolvimento de Sector de Sementes) (Regional Integrated Seed Sector Development Programme) is one of these.

Within that framework, in co-leadership with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), ADVZ carried out the NUFFIC financed project ‘Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Mozambique’. The project started in 2015, and was successfully completed in 2020.

ISSD Mozambique contributed to seed sector capacity development through strengthening of seven Agricultural Education and Training Institutes (AETIs) in Central Mozambique with 10 main outputs.



Locations of project partners in Central Mozambique

At the end of the project the AETIs had become able to deliver graduates (women and men), support seed business and extension services, and could respond to the demand of the labour market in the seed and agribusiness sector in the Zambezi Valley.

Stories of beneficiaries at the end of the project:

“ISSD Mozambique affected several aspects of my life in a very positive way: the purchase of a computer and related material facilitated my work as a teacher; being involved in the internal training helped me interacting with the community, exchanging experiences, encouraging debates with other trainers.  In the short training courses, specifically the ones on seed sector development teaching, I had a major learning on how to include interesting content in the curriculum. The other very positive impact of the project was the training on quality management and the creation of the quality team in the institution to improve transparent management of State’s resources and communication. I wish a continuation of these accomplishments.”

In 2018, in the community of Nacogolone where we live, we were sensitized to return to school and join FEAF (Agriculture and Forestry Faculty) gender programme. We are a group of girls and we became mothers before the age of 18, we stopped attending school due to insufficient economic and social conditions! From the course attended on gender, we realized that returning to study is the best thing we should do. We hope that these programmess will include all girls in our situation.”

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