Collaborative Seed Programme (CSP) Nigeria

Project kick-off
Nigeria and the Netherlands have agreed to work together on enhancing the performance of Nigeria’s seed sector. The collaboration started with a seed sector review. Find an introduction to the project in the first project brief

Seed sector review
The Nigeria seed sector assessment included desk study and consultation of Nigerian experts and development partners through focus group discussions and meetings in Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. Find the results in the crop brief report and the assessment report as well as the second project brief.

Multi-stakeholder workshop
Co-organized by the NASC, SEEDAN and EKN, the workshop brought together 28 experts that represented various public, research, private, civil-society and farmer organizations to review and verify the seed sector assessment and start drafting the National Seed Road Map. Find more details in the multi-stakeholder workshop report; see also the third project brief.

National Seed Road Map
Based on multi-stakeholder inputs, with support from Nigerian and international experts the consultancy team developed the seed road map, which is foreseen to be presented during the 2020 Seed Connect Conference. NASC has published the National Seed Road Map. The seed sector review project concluded with a fourth and final project brief.

In the seed sector review WCDI collaborated with Sahel Consulting, Agriculture & Nutrition Ltd., East-West Seeds and its Knowledge Transfer Foundation (EWS-KT), the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC), the Seed Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria (SEEDAN) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Abuja. The seed sector review was funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Nigeria Seed Alert
WCDI, the National Agricultural Seeds Council and Sahel Consulting completed a rapid assessment on emerging impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the seed sector in Nigeria. This Seed Alert recommends specific actions. Find a link to the Seed Alert Nigeria at the website of WCDI on The effects of COVID-19 on food systems: rapid assessments.