COVID-19: Synthesis highlights learning on challenges and options

The resilience of the seed sector, and its contribution to ensuring food security, is at stake. Read this synthesis to learn what is happening.

The Synthesis brings together key learnings from a recent set of Rapid Assessments and Seed Alerts in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nigeria and Uganda. We focus on the way the crisis impacts the seed sector, and affects the operations and services of seed value chains of many important food and cash crops in low- and middle income countries.

Farmers’ access to and use of quality seed of preferred varieties is already being impacted and will likely continue to be affected in the future, which will in turn affect crop productivity and production, and have consequences for farmers’ income, food and nutrition security, as well as the agricultural and national economy.

If the seed sector is not resilient in these times of crisis, and as a result, farmers cannot access quality seed, the COVID-19 crisis has the potential to turn into a food or hunger crisis.

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